Selling Your Business

Our offices are dedicated to providing the highest possible levels of professional services to business owners, in the evaluation, listing, marketing and selling of their businesses. FNBC licensed business brokerage offices have an enviable record of success in representing business owners since 1982. 

We have accomplished the sale of thousands of different businesses during that time. We are proud of our ability to help these owners accomplish their goals, and we will stay true to our goal of “Business Buying & Selling Made Easy.”

In most cases, our affiliated offices charge no advance fees to sellers, but are paid a commission by the seller when the business is sold.

In special circumstances, some business owners choose to pay an advance fee/retainer to us for special representation services.

No-Charge Consultation Service, during which a highly trained FNBC business broker will provide the owner of the business with a professional, valuable, no-pressure consultation and information that enables the owner to determine if and when to consider seeking a buyer for the business assets.

Even when the owner might be months or years away from considering selling the business, this service has proven to be useful. Commonly, business brokers can offer tips to the owner, which, if implemented now, can help "stage the business for sale later". 

This can dramatically increase the amount the seller eventually receives for the business.

Free Evaluation Service for business owners, including providing the owner with a professional opinion of how to price the business for resale. This is based on our extensive data base of businesses we have brokered since 1982, and based on FNBC™  "proprietary"  guidelines. 

This allows us to utilize our exclusive Business Financial Analysis tool that is designed to make sure the current owner prices the business to achieve the goals of both the seller and a reasonable prospective buyer.

Free, Financial Records Analysis, including a "stabilization" of the recast business records to determine the business cash flow that might be available to a prospective buyer for acquisition debt service. 

The analysis also helps the owner of the business more clearly appreciate the "recast cash flow" available, which most owners tend to under-estimate when they prepare such analysis on their own.

This will often times lead the owner, without our analysis, to under-value their business assets, and risk selling the business for less than it is worth.

Or, the owner of the business has concluded, without our business brokers analysis, that the business is worth more than could be justified, and mistakenly plans his/her future around that erroneous valuation.
In that case, the owner risks eventually accomplishing his/her divesture goals, and would perhaps be better off having had a confidential, candid evaluation done now by our business brokers, to better plan the eventual sale of the business.

Year after year, as our business brokers perform hundreds of no-charge analyses for business owners, over half the owners interviewed are pleasantly surprised to learn that the price a buyer will pay is more than the owner thought they could sell the business for.

Business Listing Service, provides the listing documents needed for placing the business assets on the market. The owner engages our licensed offices, usually on a straight commission basis, to market the business, both locally and nationally, through our extensive, multi-dimensional, professional marketing systems.

Free, No- Charge Listing Packaging Service, including our licensed office creating a professional package of literature, information and marketing materials, from materials provided by the business owner, which will serve as the "bridge" to our buyer data base.

Confidentiality is maintained throughout the marketing activities. All potential buyers are required to sign and/or acknowledge effective, efficient confidentiality promise forms before the buyer is allowed to view the business records or literature. 

All buyers are required to deal personally with one of our professional business brokers, thereby re-confirming the promise of confidentiality, before any confidential information is provided the buyer.

The business brokers do not show the business name or address in advertising without the sellers permission in advance. Over the decades of managing this important obligation for thousands of different business owners, our licensees and business brokers have come to be very skilled at making sure that confidentiality is maintained.

No Extra Charge Marketing Services include:

  • Implementation of multi-dimensional advertising systems, which utilizes:
  • Our office creates "BLIND" ads for use in newspapers and on the internet. These ads describe the business acquisition, but are worded so that the reader can not determine the actual business being described.
  • Our affiliate offices placing "Business Opportunity" and "Businesses For Sale" ads on hundreds of websites, promoting your business asset sale, using this "BLIND" wording.
  • Direct mail and e-mail promotions,
  • Telemarketing and other highly effective buyer generating techniques.
  • We also immediately initiate a survey of the thousands of present buyer prospects in our existing buyer data base.
  • We present your business listing to the business brokers in all affiliated offices, so they will market your business to their buyers.
  • The listing is registered with the FNBC™ nationally promoted, award winning web site, with "blind copy" that describes the listing in un-specific details, to protect the confidentiality, which is accessed by large quantities of potential buyers 24/7 on the internet. To gain access to more information, the buyers must contact FNBC™ Headquarters, acknowledge the promise of confidentiality form, and then work directly with one of our affiliated offices highly trained, professional business brokers.
  • The listing is registered with the major "Business Opportunity" and "Businesses For Sale" national web sites and search engines, which generates large numbers of inquiries for our licensed offices. Again, each registration uses only "blind copy" to maintain confidentiality, and the inquirers are required to contact FNBC™ Headquarters, acknowledge the promise of confidentiality form, and then work directly with one of our affiliated offices highly trained, professional FNBC™business brokers.

Our licensed offices pay all the advertising costs associated with promoting every listing, and there is no charge to the owner for this advertising.

Buyer Relations Services, including our business brokers interviewing likely buyer candidates, getting the "Promise Of Confidentiality" form acknowledged, consulting with the buyers to determine the buyers qualifications and interests, assisting the buyer in the filling out of the Offer To Purchase/Letter Of Intent forms, assisting the buyer in arranging the financing needed to complete the transaction, managing the due diligence responsibilities, coordinating the consultation with the parties attorneys, accountants and other advisors, and the coordination of the closing details.

Financing Assistance Services have been a specialty of our affiliated offices for the 27 years we have been brokering businesses. Our business brokers volunteer to help buyers find cooperating lenders, and produce the lender loan request packet used by the buyer to present the project to lenders.
We maintain an extensive data base of lenders who are aggressively interested in making the kinds of loans associated with the businesses we broker. Our business brokers approach these lenders with/and/for the buyers. Since 1982, our business brokers have been instrumental in arranging the financing for the majority of transactions we have brokered.

Our offices charge no fees to the business buyer or seller for these financing services,  but instead perform these valuable services as an accommodation to the parties.

Free, "No Extra Charge" Due Diligence Services are performed by our affiliated offices, and we are proud of the record of efficient, successful completion of so many transactions over the last 28 years.
We are convinced that the high success rate we achieve is due in large part to the experience and skill at managing the important due diligence phase of the transaction. 

Our business brokers stay deeply involved in the details to insure an orderly, clean conveyance of the business assets.

Closing/Take Over Details Services at No Extra Charge, are performed by our licensed offices as an accommodation to the parties.

These services include coordinating the production of the final purchase documents (always written by an attorney), working with the sellers creditors to accomplish a debt-free acquisition for the buyer, coordination of activities with realtors, landlords, EPA technicians, bankers, surveyors, appraisers, and the other professionals that might be involved in a transaction, production of the Closing Statements, and assistance with all the details of the closing.

Since 1982, our highly trained business brokers have brokered the sale of thousands of different businesses, of all kinds, sizes, prices and types, including
many different retail stores, commercial service companies, manufacturing businesses, distributorships, dealerships, the resale of established franchise businesses of all kinds, fast food restaurants, bar and grills, cocktail lounges, new franchise start-ups, consumer service businesses, trucking companies, bookkeeping services, full service restaurants, laundromats, dry cleaners, liquor stores, data processing service bureaus, direct mail processing centers, car washes, convenience stores, supermarkets, service stations, manufacturers representative agencies, magazine publishers, newspapers, funeral homes, delivery services, auto repair shops, Heating Venting and Air Conditioning companies, auto parts stores, pet stores, construction companies, flower shops, sales and service companies, bakeries, beauty salons, parking lot sealing businesses, maintenance companies, painting services, taxi companies, motels, recreation and entertainment companies, bowling alleys, foundries, machine shops, janitorial and maid services, carpet cleaning services, marinas, resort businesses, sales & installation businesses, ice cream shops, donut shops, business brokerages, caterers, garden centers, lawn & landscaping services, vitamin & health food businesses, print shops, income tax preparation services, limousine services, video & movie rental stores, nursing homes, picture framers & art stores, employment agencies, repair services, wholesale supply companies, security companies, sign making companies, vending companies, tree services, metal fabrication businesses, tanning salons, swimming pool sales & service businesses, welding shops, and many other kinds of businesses. Literally, we have been involved in brokering almost the entire spectrum of American small business enterprises.

Business owners who might be interested in discussing the potential sale of their business assets are encouraged to register with this FNBC™ website, to receive information which can help you investigate how you might sell a business with minimum risk and maximum benefit to you. 

One of our business brokers will then provide you with information and a no-cost, no obligation consultation, including a free evaluation of your project.

"BUSINESS BUYING & SELLING MADE EASY” is more than a slogan at FNBC™ business brokerage offices. We have been, and remain dedicated to performing these high levels of service for clients (the business owners) and customers (the business buyers) with professionalism, low risk and high satisfaction for all parties involved.