Start A New Business Brokerage Agency In Your Area

 The FNBCTM Licensed Offices Program includes the following optional services (you may use any of these services, at your option):

For those entrepreneurs who wish to establish/start up and own a new business brokerage agency in your town/city/territory, FNBCTM offers complete “turn-key” advisory services through our “Consulting And Licensing Agreement” program, which allows the entrepreneur/prospective licensed  office owner the following benefits:
  • You can become a licensed business brokerage owner, licensed by FNBCTM to utilize our comprehensive operating/marketing/advertising systems in your own local business brokerage, which you can own as a full time owner/operator, or as a part time or absentee owner.
  • You are able to access FNBC'sTM expertise in researching the potential of the geographic area in which you might like to open a business brokerage agency
  • FNBCTM offers consulting about whether you should open a one-man agency or a multiple-agent agency.
  • We cooperate in helping with the development of your business plan, monthly and long range operating budget guidelines, and agency opening/start up  time scheduling
  • You are able to take advantage of FNBC'sTM office design/office locating advisory services, including advice on negotiating with office property landlords in your area to arrange terms that will help your profitability, and how to arrange leasehold improvements for the office space you choose
  • You receive assistance from FNBCTM on equipping/furnishing your new office
  • FNBCTM designs and provides your agency, at no extra charge, a professional web site, which is integrated into’s master site, and can also be used by you as a “stand alone” site. 

    Your site will not only generate seller and buyer leads year round for your agency, but also serves as a terrific “public relations tool” for use with lawyers, accountants, bankers and other influential contacts.
  • Inclusion of your agency in FNBC'sTM internet marketing system, the most complete, successful internet buyer lead generating system in the entire business brokerage industry.
  • Our providing “hands-on” assistance in recruiting/hiring/training/supervising the agents you plan to employ
  • Our assistance in recruiting/hiring/training your new agency’s administrative and secretarial staff, with headquarters trainers who will train them in your office, at no extra charge
  • The FNBCTM “Comprehensive Training Program”, consisting of 5 ½ days of in-person training in listing, selling and financing businesses and franchises, which each agent in every licensed office is urged to attend, is without equal as a training system in the business brokerage industry
    The “Comprehensive Training Program” is made available to each licensed office on CD’s, with accompanying hard copy literature, case studies and other materials, so agencies can provide the training “in house”
  • In addition, FNBCTM provides year round advisories on every aspect of listing, selling and financing businesses and franchises, and on managing/owning a successful business brokerage agency. In the last 12 months we published over 200 such advisories as part of our “cutting edge” training system.
  • You will be provided with other helpful consulting/training services from  FNBCTM that are designed to help you, your agents and administrative personnel, not only be successful, but, perhaps most important, be content and happy with your involvement with the FNBCTM network of premier licensed business brokerage offices.
  • Free access to FNBC'sTM extensive library of multi-dimensional advertising samples/ads/advice/systems
  • Your receiving in-person training on agency office management, including receiving, at no extra charge,  our extensive library of “User Guides”, which covers every aspect of the electronic systems we recommend
  • Free use by your agency, agents and administrative staff of FNBC'sTM ultra-modern licensed email system (making it unnecessary for any of your staff to each have their own email accounts anywhere)
  • Free use of our “tried and proven” lead control systems, web site management and office operations guidelines
  • FNBCTM advertises your agency’s listings on our award winning web site, which is our all time top generator of buyer leads, at no extra charge to your office
  • FNBCTM advertises your agency’s listings on over 180 other “business opportunity” and newspaper web sites,  including managing the advertising of your listings on all the major sites, with FNBCTM performing all the changes, deletions and updates needed to keep your internet marketing effort up to date and professionally managed
  • FNBC'sTM Central Service Bureau receives, sorts and electronically distributes the tens of thousands of business buyer leads we receive from those sites annually (with each buyer lead being distributed to the agency which listed the business the buyer is inquiring about), as part of our “no extra charge” service to you, our licensed office
  • FNBCTM provides each licensed brokerage agency with ongoing, year round marketing and management advisories, conference call meetings, and on-site visits to your agency by headquarters trainers,  at no extra charge, covering every aspect of successful agency management, client relations, agent hiring, training and supervision guidelines, and providing the affiliated agency with access to our powerful marketing and advertising systems and “insider secrets”, which the affiliated agency can access “on demand”, year round, at no extra charge.
  • Availability of telemarketing services, whereby business owners are telephoned on your agency’s behalf, asking the business owners if they would agree to an appointment to discuss allowing your agency to list/market their business. 

    In recent years our telemarketing for affiliated offices has generated over 60,000 seller leads, which have
    resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for our affiliated agencies. You may access these telemarketing services, “on demand”, year round, by ordering as many or as few hours as you wish, which is charged to your office for the hours ordered.
  • We provide advice on how to set up the lowest cost contracts with your local advertising media.
  • FNBCTM makes available to your office over 100 franchise listings that you can market in your area, in addition to marketing the hundreds of non-franchise listings listed by our other licensed offices, and marketing those listed by your office. FNBCTM provides training in franchise marketing for all of FNBC'sTM licensed offices and agents.
  • You will be affiliated with our other offices nationwide, and be able to co-broker with those offices, and be able to network with these other licensed office owners. The other licensees will be marketing your office’s listings, and your office will be able to market their listings.
  • Your office will be included in our ongoing involvement in Mergers & Acquisitions activities, whereby our offices are listing and marketing larger businesses. FNBCTM provides regular training for our licensed offices and agents on M&A issues.
  • FNBCTM grants exclusive rights to the use of our systems in a given town/city/territory/state, depending on the size territory a lincensee is interested in controlling.  For information on any other area available in the USA, please register with this site.


  • Surveys of business brokerage offices show that most of the non-FNBCTM agencies in the USA actually sell about 20% of their listings annually, due to inadequate packaging and/or unrealistic pricing, and/or ineffective/un-aggressive marketing and/or weak advertising of their listings.
  • FNBC'sTM high-compliance offices have an over 20 year history of successfully selling 60% or more of the listings we’ve listed over the years, based on our unique, detail oriented, “full disclosure” professional  packaging, “market reality” pricing, aggressive advertising and positive, energetic marketing systems.
  • FNBCTM licensed offices have specialized for decades in being ultra effective arrangers of financing for the acquisitions we broker. We know that our dedication to making sure that our agents and agencies are “financing experts”, highly trained in all the nuances of financing basics, is a huge contributor to our superior closing ratios.
  • FNBCTM agents have arranged over $500,000,000 in small business loans to date.
  • We are proud of our reputation, in all the cities in which we have licensed offices, of having an absence of complaints with the Better Business Bureaus (our offices are members in all the cities/towns where affiliates are located), and a spotless record with the various real estate commissions in every state where we operate.

“The Great American Dream”…

Owning your own business brokerage agency can be a fascinating, rewarding career. Business brokers are instrumental in helping business buyers and sellers participate in free enterprise, commonly referred to as “The Great American Dream”. 

Business brokers not only list and sell businesses and franchises (much like Realtors list and sell real estate); business brokers also assist business buyers and sellers with all aspects of the acquisition process. 

It is estimated that over 1,000,000 different businesses experience a change in ownership every year nationwide, in towns and cities large and small, and business brokers are commonly involved in many of those transactions, for which the broker receives an attractive fee and/or commission.


First National Business Corporation (FNBCTM)…

FNBCTM has been successfully involved in the business brokerage business since 1982. During that time, our principals have worked as commissioned agents, have listed and sold thousands of different businesses, started business brokerage agencies from scratch, bought and sold agencies, and consulted with and guided many folks who wanted to own their own agency, many of whom chose to join FNBC'sTM Licensed Offices Program.


Licensed Offices Program…

FNBCTM acts as a consultant/licensor/mentor/coach, providing business brokerage agency owners and prospective agency owners with advice on starting and/or managing every aspect of a business brokerage agency. 

TM licensed agency is an independent, locally managed, full service business brokerage, owned 100% by individual entrepreneurs/investors/partnerships who enjoy being involved in brokering businesses of all kinds, all sizes, and all prices.



FNBCTM is dedicated to being “the best we can be”, to providing a high level of service to our licensees, clients, customers, and associates, with low risk for the business buyers and sellers who use our services, and to providing a professional environment that is enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. 

If you’d like to affiliate with an organization that practices these ideals, please
register with this site.

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