FNBC® Headquarters

FNBC® Headquarters
3315 E. Ridgeview St , Suite 2000
Springfield, Missouri 65804
Phone: (417) 823-0990
Fax: (417) 823-8118


First National Business Corporation (FNBC) is a company which provides a wide variety of consulting, advertising, marketing and management services to a select network of premier, individually owned and operated business brokerage offices.

FNBC started operations in 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri and has developed some of the most successful business brokerage offices in the U.S.A., listing and selling thousands of different businesses of all kinds, all sizes and all prices during the last 27 years.

Now headquartered in Springfield, MO, FNBC is developing additional Affiliated Offices in partnership with local entrepreneurs/owners/licensees in towns and cities throughout the United States.

Affiliated offices generally work for business owners (sellers) with whom we have a Listing Agreement, authorizing us to market the business assets. We charge no front fees to seller clients, and usually are paid only when the business sells.

Affiliated offices invest all the money needed to package the listing, advertise it in local and national media, and service the listing until it is sold.

Affiliated offices perform many services during the listing engagement, on a no-fee basis, as an accommodation to the seller and buyer, including offering sellers a free evaluation to help them determine the market price for the business.

Affiliates and sales associates also invest the energy needed to find and manage the activities of potential buyer candidates. Many years experience, and successful marketing of thousands of different businesses, provides us with the knowledge required to deliver a high level of professional services to all parties.

We are keenly aware of the importance of the maintenance of high standards of confidentiality in small business representation, and have developed systems over the years which give sellers a satisfactory comfort level, while also acting as encouragement of the marketing process.

Business buyers are the affiliated offices\' customers, and the affiliated offices charge no fees to buyers, except for special projects, at the buyer’s request, to assist certain buyers with special engagements. By far the majority of the time, we are assisting buyers on a no-fee accommodation basis.

Affiliated offices assist buyers in the search for their “ideal investment”, including showing them the hundreds of current listings of businesses and franchises for sale that are “in-stock” in the system at any given time.

The affiliated offices specialize in patient, professional services to buyers, including working with their lawyers and other advisors, to insure that all buyers receive adequate advice.

FNBC affiliates are full-disclosure offices, which means that we encourage all parties to cooperate to provide all the facts needed for buyers and sellers to be able to consummate transactions with low risk and maximum chances of mutually satisfactory results.

Our affiliated offices have specialized in providing assistance in arranging the financing needed to make acquisitions possible, and over 80% of the thousands of deals we’ve brokered over the last 27 years, have been consummated with financing arranged by our associates.

The affiliated offices and sales associates charge no fees for financing assistance, and accept no finders fees from lenders.

Affiliated sales associates provide this valuable service as an accommodation to the parties who list and buy businesses through our offices.

We stay “on the cutting edge” of financing expertise, and maintain a unique data base of lenders who are aggressively interested in making the kinds of loans associated with the sale of the businesses our affiliated offices broker.

Our affiliated offices also volunteer to manage the details of the transaction, including working with the bankers, lawyers, accountants, creditors, and other professionals involved in a properly structured transaction.

Our wide experience in managing thousands of closings over the years allows affiliated associates to provide these services with the highest levels of competency and professionalism. Affiliated offices charge no extra fees for these closing services.

“Small Business Buying, Selling and Financing Made Easy” is truly more than a slogan with our affiliates. It is our goal, every day, in every office. We enjoy providing these services, and helping buyers and sellers participate in the “Great American Dream” of active, free-enterprise, entrepreneurial opportunities.

For details on any of these services, simply register with this web site. When we receive your registration/request for information, one of our affiliated offices will immediately provide you with details. You may also register for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.