FNBC Affiliated Offices

Each FNBC office is an independent, locally managed, full service business brokerage. These owners have made a substantial financial commitment to establishing in their communities the most modern, progressive business brokerage and systems available in the U.S.A.

Each office is dedicated to offering high levels of competency, professionalism, low risk and exceptional service to business buyers and sellers in their management of details related to business transfers of ownership.

We are also proud of the fact that our sales associates have been involved in the successful completion of thousands of different small business acquisitions over the last 26 years.

Each office's sales associates and owners have completed the optional FNBC Certified Training Program in Successful Business Brokerage Practice, which is recognized within the business brokerage industry as one of the most complete, comprehensive training programs available in the country.

FNBC provides on-going training on a continual basis on-site in each local office, and provides timely bulletins and tips regularly, sharing with each office the latest information about proper business brokerage practices, legal and accounting issues, financing developments, and acquisitions news.
Our offices belong to the local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, and enthusiastically support the goals of both organizations.

Each office also belongs to the First National Business Corporation Association division of FNBC, which provides services designed to keep our offices on the cutting edge of high-quality business brokerage practices.

The offices receive a comprehensive set of optional services from FNBC,

  • Marketing and advertising techniques and guidelines including the registeration of each office's listings in FNBC'S unique & very successful web site, www.fnbcusa.com, and the registeration of each office's listings with over 180 other "Business Opportunities" web sites and search engines 
  • Optional on-going training and mentoring, networking and co-brokering with the other offices 
  • Coordination of national listing marketing efforts 
  • Optional year-round telemarketing services performed at FNBC headquarters for the offices 
  • And a variety of other benefits designed to assist each office to be successful and respected in it's community.

FNBC provides each office with optional National Listing Registration Services, with FNBC acting as the clearinghouse of registering each office's listings on all the major national "Businesses For Sale" and "Business Opportunities" web sites, allowing our offices to market each listing (business for sale), regardless of size or type, to potential buyers nationwide and internationally.

This service generates incredible numbers of buyer inquires for our offices, which are then emailed daily by FNBC headquarters staff to each local office for follow-up by a local sales associate.

FNBC also publishes each office's local listings on our exclusive, nationally promoted "Businesses Available for Acquisition" data base, which reaches additionally large numbers of buyer prospects for the owners of the businesses listed with our offices.

FNBC WEB SITE (www.fnbcusa.com)
Each office is provided with its own web site, within the nationally promoted FNBC web site. And, each office's listings are included in the FNBC web site's "Businesses For Sale" data base, allowing visitors to the site to select from a large number of different "Businesses For Sale," Business Opportunities" and "Franchise Opportunities" available to business buyers.

Also offered to buyers, sellers and other visitors to the site are numerous articles, tips, and advice memos designed to deliver on our promise of "Small Business Buying, Selling and Financing Made Easy."

FNBC plans to continue it's policy of "orderly growth" adding offices, in partnership with local entrepreneurs/owners in additional cities, while also maintaining our dedication to devoting FNBC resources to the continued support of presently established offices.

For information about our licensing and consulting/new office development program, please register with this site. Upon receipt of your request for more information, we will provide you with details about the innovative, progressive, unique FNBCbusiness brokerage system.