Small Business Financing Services

In addition to serving the needs of business buyers and sellers in the many details of ownership transfer, our licensed business brokerage offices also offer a very valuable service by assisting to arrange the financing needed in transactions.


Our many years of experience assisting in the arrangment of hundreds of millions of dollars in small business acquisitions allows us to successfully assist the parties through the financing steps.


Our licensed offices charge no fees to either party for this financing advisory service, which can cost up to thousands of dollars from most other sources of financing advice. Our licensees provide this valuable service as an accommodation to the business buyer and seller. On most transactions, our only compensation is a commission from the business seller if, and, when the business sells.


Our licensed offices assist buyers with many of the financing details. These include assisting in the packaging of the loan documents for the lender, filling out the loan and SBA documents with the buyer, helping the buyer conduct a search of lenders to determine the best source of terms, and follow-up with lenders throughout the due diligence process.

Lenders appreciate our offering this service. It helps to insure that the loan process will be managed in an orderly manner, conforming to the needs of the lender for full disclosure and thorough due diligence. 

Sellers of the businesses appreciate our licensees helping the buyers with this aspect, as it makes it more likely the buyer will obtain adequate financing. Buyers enjoy having the assistance, and they have access to more lenders through FNBC's large bank of active lender prospects.


All our licensed offices have instant access to this lender data base. We constantly research new sources of financing and add those sources to the list, as well as deleting lenders who have not been recently active in aggressive approvals of such loans. With dozens of sales associates nationwide, assisting daily with the financing of each transaction, our offices are able to stay "on the cutting edge" of this vital service.

For information about small business financing services please register with this site. Upon receipt of your registration/request for more information, we will provide you with details about financing acquisitions.

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