Q & A

Finding your way around a web site can be easy, or hard depending on the site's navigation system.  The best sites make it easy to get wherever you want, from wherever you want to start. We thank you for visiting FNBCUSA.COM

  1. How do I print things on this site?

    Printing is easy. You need to have a working printer connected to your computer as either locally connected, or network connected. Your web browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer has a button on the tool bar above, marked PRINT. 

    You can also go to the top of the screen and click on FILE and PRINT. When you do this you will get a dialog box on the screen that will let you determine how many copies you wish to print, which printer to use and even if you want to orient the paper in an up and down portrait mode, or sideways landscape. Once you have made your choices, just click PRINT or OK and you're on your way.  

    FNBCUSA.com has formatted every page of this site so that, when you print the page, all the information will print clearly, without your having to make any special selections. 
  2. I found some listings in the "businesses for sale" section and wish to print them out. What are my choices?

    Once you reach our "businesses for sale" section you can list all the businesses for sale or narrow your choices by the kind of business or location. When you click on GO, the system will return with screens containing the types of listings you have selected. 

    Hitting the Print button or the File, Print option will print the listings on the page you can see. If there are multiple pages you can click to each one and print them, or you can choose the Print All option. This will bring up on the screen what we call a Printer Friendly version and all of the listings that met your choice criteria will be printed onto your paper.   
  3. How do I get back to the top of the page that lets me see the different offices?

    Once you get to the "Affiliated Offices" Section you can choose any of the office locations located on the left side of the menu. From there you can get a look at information about the office itself; info about the city/area the office is located in; or view a profile and photo of each agent, manager and administrative person in that office; or view the current businesses available for sale by that office. 

    If you decide you want to go to another office altogether, you can click on links that take you to the top of the section, you can hit your browser's BACK button, or you can go right up to the navigational tabs at the top of the screen and click on Affliliated Office and it will pop you right back to that section of the site.