Downsizers, Corporate Escapees and Veterans

The U.S.A. is a truly "entrepreneurial society", as most everyone knows. In our 26 years of listing and marketing businesses of all kinds, all sizes and all prices, we’ve dealt with thousands of buyers, from all walks of life. 

These include: young, new entrepreneurs who have the desire to own their own business; "seasoned citizens" who want to stay active but not work for someone else; buyers who originated in foreign countries and who now wish to own a business in this country; buyers who already own a business, but want to "expand by acquisition" and acquire additional businesses; and ordinary people who have worked for someone else all their lives. These people want to "break out" of that situation and have the freedom of being their own boss in a small business of their own.

Throughout American history, people who have worked for someone else have ventured forth to either start their own, or take over an established business. Some of the most fascinating chapters in our country’s development have been written by these entrepreneurs. Some of them were workers breaking out of traditional jobs. 

Many were returning veterans, coming home to a new life, a new attitude and new possibilities. Some have been people who simply were under-appreciated by their boss. Some were inventors and innovators who had to be on their own in order to follow their dreams. They understand the risks associated with operating their own business, and accept that challenge as one of the elements of gaining the benefits. Some have created or built simple businesses that generate a decent, respectable living for them and their families. Others have created incredible wealth by "going on their own".

Most people who leave good jobs are folks with good credit, a reasonably impressive amount of savings or other financial resources, and many have had management responsibilities in their careers prior to owning a business of their own. 

These are premium borrowers for the lenders of America. These entrepreneurs have all the things the lenders are looking for. When such people are matched up with a good business, with good records, good present cash flow, and low risk, the financing for that project becomes relatively easy.

For over 30 years, our business brokerage offices have specialized in finding, evaluating and marketing good businesses, with good records, good cash flow and low risk. We work very hard to then match those businesses with qualified buyers. We also specialize in assisting with the arranging of the financing needed to make these transactions a reality. 

We guide the buyer and seller throughout the process to make it possible for all parties to "get where they want to be financially". And, our services have been instrumental in the brokering of thousands of different business acquisitions to date.

Some buyers are unconcerned about profits or risk in the businesses they buy. Such buyers are usually "turn-around specialists", who are looking for true "bargains", and understand that businesses which are closed down, or struggling, are usually priced much lower than businesses with good records and good present cash flow.

But, over 90% of the thousands of business buyers we’ve worked with over the last 30 years tell us that their #1 criteria is to acquire a business without unreasonable risk. These "quality-oriented" buyers want to pay a price that is as low as possible, but, they usually recognize that a good business is understandably worth more than one that is unsuccessful.

Buyers who do a reasonable amount of research in their quest to own their own business quickly learn that low risk is present predominately in investing in good businesses which have good records and good cash flow.

Our offices do find a few listings of businesses that are either closed down, or unprofitable, or are marginally profitable. We bring to market a few of those every year, to satisfy the demands of the "bargain-hunter", turn-around buyers we meet.

But, our offices, since 1982, have specialized in finding and bringing to market businesses that are presently generating positive cash flow, and that are likely to continue generating good cash flow without having to make major operational changes. 

Almost always, these business owners also provide us with at least 3 years of company tax returns, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, narratives on the history of the business, complete lists of the assets that would convey to a new owner, and any other information needed by a buyer to satisfy reasonable due diligence.

These owners also know we plan to provide these important documents to buyers (once the buyer has signed a confidentiality agreement). The owners also agree to convey the business assets to the buyer in provably proper operating condition, and to convey the business to the buyer confirmably debt-free. 

The present owners agree to allow us to promise buyers that the owner will train the new owner. The present owner knows we plan to inform the buyers that the owner will agree to a non-compete agreement.

This, then is how to describe an acquisition that is, without exaggeration, worthy of being described as "low risk". It applies to by far the majority of the business assets we’ve brokered over the years.

To see the hundreds of businesses currently for sale through our licensed offices, simply click into "Businesses Available For Acquisition" in this web site. To see actual case studies of transactions involving either bargain-priced acquisitions or how buyers purchase "good businesses, with good records, with good cash flow, and low risk", register with this site. One of our sales associates will gladly provide you with no-obligation information to help you continue on your quest to consider "what to do next".

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