Lots of Folks, Including Downsizers and Corporate Escapees Buy Businesses

The U.S.A. is a truly “entrepreneurial society”, as most everyone knows. In our 30 years of listing and marketing businesses, we’ve dealt with thousands of buyers, from all walks of life, including: young, new entrepreneurs who have the desire to own their own business;and  “seasoned citizens” who want to stay active, but not work for someone else. 

Also for buyers who originated in foreign countries and who now wish to own a business in this country; buyers who already own a business, and want to “expand by acquisition” and acquire additional businesses; and ordinary people who have worked for someone else all their lives and want to “break out” of that situation and have the freedom of being their own boss in a small business of their own.

Our agencies have been delighted to assist these folks, and we have successfully brokered the sale of thousands of businesses to date, thanks to the high degree of motivation of these many different kinds of business buyers.

We’ve also served hundreds of folks who have been “downsized”, laid off, or who simply left the “corporate life”, and who decided to investigate buying their own business, instead of seeking another job.

    These prospective business owners, who have previous corporate experience, are ideal buyer candidates, for the following reasons:
  • They usually have accumulated the savings needed to inject the down payments required by the lenders.
  • They often times have other assets and investments that show the lenders that they are financially well balanced.
  • They almost always have acceptable credit histories.
  • They usually are home owners, and have relatively stable private lives.
  • They almost always have achieved acceptable educational accomplishments.
  • Their previous jobs usually included their being responsible for other people and/or budgets, which is excellent experience for running a small business.
  • They almost always pick out a business that’s in a different industry than their previous career experiences, due to the strong other qualifications these buyers bring to the transaction, such as financial resources, diversified investments, home ownership, management experience, educational achievements, etc. The failure rate of such highly pre-qualified people is so low that previous experience in the business being acquired is no longer a requirement. These buyers are usually dedicated to changing their career focus and are usually “burned out” of continuing with the same professions or industries they’re leaving.

Entrepreneurs who want to live “The Great American Dream” of owning your own business, regardless of your age, background, citizenship, or status in life will be glad to learn that there are ample opportunities open to you. We have always provided free consultation to folks who want to learn more about owning your own business. 

Our specialty has always been providing assistance in arranging the financing for business acquisitions, and there is no charge to any party for this valuable service. We can also help you decide what business is right for you.

Simply register with this web site. Upon receipt of your registration, we will provide literature that will help you learn more. Or, we can arrange a no-obligation consultation for you with one of our highly trained, professional agents. There is no charge for these helpful consultation services.

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