The Moment Of Absolute Certainty Never Arrives, So Now is The Time To Act

This phrase was quoted to me years ago by one of our associates. The associate read the phrase somewhere, sometime in the past, and didn’t remember the author, but felt it had helped at various times when faced with indecision on important matters.

I wrote it down on a piece of paper and tucked it away, thinking maybe I’ll share it someday with the rest of our associates.

One lesson we can learn from this saying is that, once we have "done our homework" on an important matter, and done reasonable due diligence, if we still don’t act just because we think we need "absolute" certainty before taking action, our lives could be filled with missed opportunities.

In fact, there is seldom absolute certainty on any matter which involves human understanding, and some decisions deserve to be made because we believe in ourselves and in our project, with or without "absolute" certainty.

This theory applies particularly to business buyers and sellers. Some folks think they need l00% certainty before selling or buying a business, where as the real "deal makers" will proceed as soon as they have a reasonable amount of certainty.

If all entrepreneurs withheld action until they had l00% certainty, there would be few transactions made, anywhere, by anyone. The pursuit of absoluteness is obviously a path to in-action, stagnation, and anti-progress.

None of us would promote the theory that one should act irresponsibly, or without research and facts. But the other extreme, of not acting regardless of the facts, just because there remains some trepidation in our hearts, is just as irresponsible.

Because, if we fail to act, even when the majority of the evidence calls for action, timidity will rule our lives at the expense of progress. Success will be compromised. Potential for interesting, challenging, enriching experiences will disappear.

So, it seems that now is the time to return to our normal lives, as best we can. We need to normalize the lives of our children and grandchildren, while explaining to them the truth of what’s happening.

We need to rally around all our family members, support our religious institutions, be involved in our communities, and nurture our loved ones. And, we need to go on about our daily work lives, as well.

Our country’s best interests are served by active, concerned citizens, who are making positive contributions to our economy, and to our spiritual, family, and community lives.

THINGS WE KNOW AT FNBC, with reasonable certainty…

  • Our offices are engaged in an honorable profession, providing valuable services, priced fairly, with a high degree of professionalism, honesty and care for all concerned. 
  • Our offices are well structured, well managed entities, providing top quality environments for our sales associates and clients. 
  • The history of FNBC is filled with ample case studies of thousands of successfully completed transactions. 
  • "The Great American Dream" of owning your own businessis a concept that is alive, well and is being pursued by American small business entreprenuers, as usual.

Our professional best interests, and those of our clients, are best served by active, energetic associates, striving to “Be The Best We Can Be”, with pride and dedication.

We don’t need “absolute” certainty to be safe and happy. We need only a reasonable, measured amount of confidence and opportunity.

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