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Business Buyers and Sellers...The "Real" Enterpreneuers of America...

This section of our web site is dedicated to the business buyers and sellers we've been privileged to serve. These are their stories. We've chosen a few from the many transactions we've brokered since 1982, with the individual stories shown at the left of this page. Simply click on the ones you might find interesting.

Over the years, as we've brokered the sale of thousands of businesses of all kinds, all sizes and all prices, we've met literally thousands of buyers, sellers, bankers, lawyers, accountants, landlords, and others engaged in these transactions. And, we've read with interest the stories in the national media about "Mergers & Acquisitions", "Middle Market" and "Big Business" as well as "Small Business" risk takers.

This we know for sure, the owners and buyers of small businesses are some of the most brave, interesting, fascinating, creative, inventive and entrepreneurial people we've ever known.

Although our business brokerage offices manage the sale of several multi-million dollar businesses each year, most of the transactions we've managed over have been small businesses, with many of these being businesses with annual sales of less than $3,000,000.

Some of these have been impressive, growing businesses, and others have been smaller, steady, consistent performers. Some have been businesses with marginal or decreasing revenues or profits. Others have been start-ups and/or new franchised businesses.

They have included manufacturing businesses, retail stores, consumer service companies, commercial service businesses, professional practices, and everything from Subway Sandwich Shop re-sales to injection molding companies.

From funeral homes to bowling alleys, from carpet cleaning services to neighborhood bars, from machine shops to resort businesses, from full service supper clubs to laundromats, from multi million dollar trucking companies to home based embroidery services.

From vending services to dry cleaning shops, from nationally-active distributorships to Dairy Queens, from construction companies to flower shops and, every kind of enterprise in between, literally the entire spectrum of the American small business world.

Some of these businesses had been well managed by the current owner and others needed "fresh blood" to maximize the business' potential. Some were owned by partners, some by family members, many by sole proprietors. Some were incorporated, many were not. 

Lots of them were making incredible amounts of cash flow, and were easily managed; some were harder to manage, and weren't making much money. Some were owned by "absentee" or part time owners and generated enough cash flow to be able to pay an on-site manager.We found buyers for all of them.

We learned that, like in romance, it's pretty much "in the eye of the beholder" what a person considers as the "ideal" business opportunity.

The buyers of these businesses likewise have been a wide variety of types...from first time buyers, to multiple location business owners who are expanding by acquisition...from people with lots of discretionary cash and assets, to folks with limited resources.

Some of these buyers are born in other parts of the world as varied as Laos, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, France, Australia, England, South America, Africa, Korea, Canada and many other points of origin. Many were multi-generational native Americans. Many had been laid off or "down sized". Lots of them quit good jobs to buy a business and "be their own boss". 

Some felt under-appreciated in their careers and wanted to have the freedom to express their potential by being self-directed, in charge of their own destiny, instead of being at the mercy of someone else. Some of these potential buyers had realistic expectations and some were almost completely unrealistic.

But, all of the business buyers and sellers, for different reasons, have been important contributors to our success, and an unending source of understanding of human nature. Not to mention great sources of negotiating and deal-making education for our sales associates.

This section of our web site, "DEAL MAKERS, REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES" is filled with some of the many experiences we've had in the last 30 years as business brokers.

Some of the anecdotes are amusing, some poignant, and all are representative of the endlessly fascinating, interesting world of entrepreneurial opportunity seeking...people living the "Great American Dream" of buying, selling and operating your own small business.

The FNBC™ licensed offices have been proud to be of service in the successful completion of thousands of these transactions, and we enthusiastically look forward to being able to assist in the completion of thousands of more transactions.

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