Affiliate Office Developement

We are excited about the future for the USA’s national business economy. We have been very pleased to discover the vigor and enthusiasm of small business entrepreneurs in all our marketing areas, year after year, for over 30 years.

Business buyers and sellers have been very responsive to our efforts. In addition, the bankers, lawyers and accountants have been more than generous, encouraging and helpful in the thousands of successfully completed transactions we’ve managed over the years.


We offer an exceptionally detailed, comprehensive training program for new sales associates and for licensed office owners. This was developed over many years while building these offices, and prepares sales associates and licensees to offer high quality intermediary services to business buyers and sellers.

The training provided also covers our providing guidelines and leadership in the areas of profitable office operations, advertising and marketing advice, new sales associate recruiting, training and supervision, lead generation and management systems, internet marketing techniques and many other important aspects of profitable office operations.


FNBC™ is expanding its network of professional business brokerage offices, and is engaged in developing additional affiliate offices in Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Minnesota and Kansas. We also have inquiries from interested licensees in California and several east coast cities.

The FNBC licensed office program licenses entrepreneurs who wish to own their own successful business brokerage office.  FNBC provides consulting and licensing to these entrepreneurs, with advice on all aspects of office opening, staffing, management and "turn key" operations. This advice is available to entrepreneurs who wish to open one or two-person offices, or who wish to develop large, multi-agent offices, in large cities, small towns, suburbs, or resort areas, almost anywhere in the USA.

The FNBC program is also available to owners of already established business brokerages and/or commercial real estate agencies, who may wish to become licensed FNBC licensees so they may increase the commission income of the office. For information on the FNBC "Consulting & Licensing System" please register with this web site by checking on "Register with FNBC".

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