History of FNBC

History of FNBC
United States Business Brokers, or USBB, LLC, is a Missouri limited liability company engaged in providing consulting and support services to licensed business brokers under the First National Business Corporation (FNBC) banner.

FNBC's™ founder started in business brokerage in 1982 in metropolitan Kansas City, as owner of ABMI (American Business Masters, Inc.). ABMI became one of the largest general business brokerages in the country. Since its beginning, our sales associates have been involved in the sale of thousands of small businesses, either under the ABMI banner or our successor company, First National Business Corporation.

Company headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri, with other affiliated offices in such diverse locations as Jacksonville, Florida, Columbia, South Carolina, Oklahoma City, and more.

Sales completed include small businesses such as convenience stores, retail businesses, grocery stores, trucking companies, direct mail processing services, computer service bureaus, advertising specialties offices, delivery services, fast food restaurants, commercial services, and other "main street" types of businesses, as well as medium sized manufacturing companies, service businesses, dealerships and distributorships.

FNBC® has also been involved in the sale of numerous multi-million dollar businesses. FNBC® has the capabilities to manage the sale of almost any size business. We have considerable experience working with attorneys, accountants and creditors of both seller and  buyer to coordinate the many details in an ownership transfer.

Affiliated Offices
In 2001, FNBC™ began forming partnerships with entrepreneurs in other cities to develop licensed business brokerage offices, using the systems developed by FNBC™ in the operation of successful business brokerage offices.

FNBC'S™ agents have completed hundreds of hours of courses offered over the years. These courses involve topics such as: Financing Business Acquisitions, Succession Planning for Business Owners, Marketing Small Businesses, Serving Business Buyers, Small Business Analysis, Pricing and Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions,  Private Equity Groups and Private Investment Groups and Venture Capital Companies, and many other relevant subjects.

The company provides to member affiliates is on-going training and mentoring. That includes registration of each office's business listings on the major national business opportunity web sites and search engines.

We also offer new sales associate recruiting and training advice, regular training conducted in each office by FNBC™ trainers, as well as year round telemarketing services performed for affiliated offices, field training,  management guidelines, advertising and marketing techniques assistance and implementation and coordination, and a wide variety of other affiliated office support services.

This leadership by FNBC™ allows the affiliate offices to be "on the cutting edge" of the most modern business brokerage methods available. This also allows each office to deliver an admirably high degree of service to business buyers and sellers in each community served.

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