Fees & Services

FNBC™ licensed offices charge no fees to buyers or sellers on most transactions, but are paid a commission by the seller when the business is sold. Services available include:

  • Free Evaluations for business owners.  This includes providing the business owner with a professional opinion of how to price the business for resale. 
  • Business Marketing Services
    Analyzing the financial records
    Creating and packaging the marketing materials
    Confidentiality system implementation and management
    Advertising and promotion
    Registering "blind" information about the sellers business on hundreds of business opportunities websites
    Buyer search activities
    Buyer interviewing and qualification
    Management of the Offer To Purchase process
    Coordination of the due diligence activities
    Management of the closing and disbursal of the sale proceeds.
    There are no initial nor extra fees charged to either party for these services on most transactions.  
  • Evaluations for entrepreneurs (buyers) who are considering buying a business. This will help the buyer know if the price he's/she's considering paying is fair market value.  
  • Coordination of the entire acquisition process. This includes working with the attorneys, accountants, creditors, lenders, and other advisors involved with all parties.  
  • Free acquisition search services for buyers.  This service includes providing information to buyers on the hundreds of business opportunities available from our licensees' present inventory, and on the many pending listings our associates are in the process of listing at any given time.  
  • Special projects for buyers, including:
    Conducting targeted acquisition searches for the buyer/client.
    Performing of detailed analysis for the buyer/client of the seller's financial records.
    Pricing and project viability consultation.
    Conducting negotiations with the seller(s) in cooperation with the buyer.
    Providing the buyer with assistance and advice in obtaining financing for the acquisition (including introducing the buyer to our extensive lender data base).  Preparation of the acquisition financing package, and presenting the package to likely lenders).
    Managing the details of the acquisition due diligence (including working with the parties' attorneys, accountants, creditors, etc) with our offices' representing the buyer, and the buyer paying a fee, negotiated in advance, to the satisfaction of the buyer, in these special circumstances.

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